• Is Crossfit a Good Fit?

    Unless you’ve been living under a fitness rock, you’ve probably heard about Crossfit, a popular strength and conditioning program that derives many of its principles from techniques used in police, military, martial arts, and professional athlete training.

    Today, let’s look at the pros and cons of this fitness approach to determine if a Crossfit program might be a good fit for you and your fitness goals:


    • Fast Paced – Crossfit workouts jump quickly from exercise to exercise, improving your cardiovascular stamina, burning plenty of calories, and getting your workout done quickly, often in 30 minutes or less.

    • High Calorie Burning – Due to the high intensity of the workouts, you not only burn a lot of calories during exercise but you will also see the metabolic effects after.

    • Excellent for Body Sculpting – Many of the movements are resistance based, which work to improve your overall muscle definition and shape.

    • Great for Strength and Power Building – During a Crossfit session you use multiple muscle groups at once, which lead to greater overall strength development.

    • Good for Core Strength – Many exercises, especially those that use gymnastic rings, require you to maintain a high level of balance, making your core work throughout the Crossfit routine. If you want flat abs, Crossfit can help you achieve it.


    • Very Demanding – To get the most from your workout, Crossfit sessions are very intense. As such, there is much greater risk that you could overtrain, especially if you try to participate in other workouts or sports between your Crossfit sessions. You simply need downtime to recover.

    • Hard for Beginners – Crossfit is something you may find you need to build into. Beginners often don’t have the strength and stamina to correctly perform the exercises. It may be better to start with a traditional weight training programing for a month or two before moving to Crossfit.

    • Increased Risk of Injury – The movements in Crossfit are use the full body with higher weight loads, so if you do happen to slip or use poor form, the consequences can be quite devastating.

    Crossfit is a very comprehensive workout so the good news is that if you are someone who is relatively fit, tends to be short on time, and looking for something that you really only have to do two to three times a week to see the benefits, it could be the perfect thing for you.

    For more info on Crossfit or other weight training programs, see one of our Mei Personal Trainers. We’d be happy to share tips and routine ideas with you!


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