• Why Yoga?

    Why has the number of American practitioners of yoga risen from 4 million in 2001 to 20 million in 2011? Why does Dr. Oz so passionately encourage his patients to practice? What is Yoga, really? Yoga is a sanskrit word meaning “union”; its an ancient scientific approach to connecting body and mind. You can use

  • Relationship with technology

    “Life is often passing us by as we have our head down looking at our smart phone” is a quote I recently read by an anonymous writer that struck a chord with me. I am guilty at times, as many of you are, to fitting this quote to the max. Beyond the phone, what is

  • Do great work – love what you do

    When Mondays roll around, we often here this “M word” as if it were the plague. Enjoying a weekend away from work to play, relax, and do more of what we love, makes getting back on the grind all the more difficult. Often times away from the work world means catching up on all of