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Monday-Thursday 9am-7pm, Friday-Saturday 9am-5pm. Sunday & Holidays No STAFF.

Kids-Room Hours:

Kids Room times vary per location, please call specific club for details (800) 479-6710

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Gyms in Indianapolis, IN

Feel Good, Look Good with Mei Fitness

Living a healthy lifestyle or training for competitions requires commitment. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find time in your busy schedule to do everything you need to do. Achieving your goals and reaching an elite level as an athlete can be hard to work around your job, family or other responsibilities — especially if you’re trying to fit everything into a standard business day.

Mei Fitness is here to help. No other gym in Indianapolis offers you the flexibility to get a maximized workout whenever you want. Our 24-hour gyms in Indianapolis offer more than just treadmills and stationary bikes. We have an exceptional array of the most advanced equipment from the leading names in the industry. Designed to help you achieve a higher level of fitness, our clubs can give you a sense of satisfaction and achievement unlike any other gyms in the area.

What We Offer

Whether you’re training for a competitive event or just want to be in the best shape possible, our top-level gyms in Indianapolis can get you there. Our state-of-the-art facilities are fully equipped to help you to train for marathons, team sports, fitness events and even bodybuilding. We’re also the best powerlifting gym in Indianapolis.

We’re open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This means nothing will stand in the way of the body you want. Get in a quick workout on your way to the office, stop in during your lunch break or come by after you’ve put the kids to bed. When you sign up with us, you’ll never again have an excuse not to work out.

In addition to having the top machines from the premier manufacturers, our locations also offer other popular features. These include wet and dry saunas, fully-equipped locker rooms with showers, unlimited tanning, free Wi-Fi and a kids’ club.

Get Your Fitness Back on Track

If you’re looking for a gym for cardio, strength training or powerlifting in Indianapolis that will fit into your hectic schedule, look no further than Mei Fitness. Because our locations are open all day, every day, you’ll be able to reach your goals faster and more conveniently than with other options. Whether you want to lose a few pounds or completely transform your physique, you’ll be able to do it here. You can regain your self-confidence faster than you thought possible. You’ll also gain the benefits that come with regular exercise, such as improved cardiovascular health, reduced risk of heart disease and lowered stress levels.

If you’re tired of putting your workouts on the back burner due to scheduling conflicts, let us help you crank up the heat and start cooking again. Give us a call or join online to experience fitness that fits your lifestyle.