• Weight & strength training: Get Results!

    Body Weight Training has become more popular than ever this year, among people of all ages. Incorporating intervals of high intensity exercises, like the classic push-ups and jumping jacks, between other weight lifting exercises can help you get the most from your workout in a short time. In addition, strength training, especially for those over

  • Exercise: a breath of FRESH AIR

    Oxygen. It fuels your muscles during a workout, and, according to this article from HealthDay, also sharpens your mind. In a study of 52 healthy young women, the group who exercised regularly had more oxygen circulating in their brain and performed better on mental tests than their less active peers. Interestingly, active women did especially

  • Ana Fernandez

    My name is Ana Fernandez, I attend IUPUI and I am pursuing a degree in Exercise Science. When I graduate I intend on going to graduate school to become a Physical Therapist. I have played soccer for almost my entire life and I began lifting weights my freshman year of high school. It was during