• The moral of all this blabbing

    Often times I would have to tell myself to be appreciative for all that I had now in the present, rather than focus on all that I want RIGHT NOW. It brings about a whole new perspective and makes you do the best that you possibly can using what you already have. Don’t compare yourself

  • Alleviate Back Pain

    Want that lean look and elegant posture of a Yoga or Pilate’s instructor? Well good posture starts from a strong core! That means exercising.  When trying to improve your posture; focus on the abdominal area and low back muscles around your torso, for instance by flexing, bending, extending, or rotating your spine.        If you

  • “Spring” Into New Food

    Seasonal eating? What is seasonal eating? Our bodies are meant to have variety in all parts of life, especially with our food. Remember the old saying “variety is the spice of life”? Well that definitely is the perfect quote for this! Most of us get excited for the season to change, especially after being in hibernation