Hi! It’s me again! Mel keeps asking me to write these “blogs” for the monthly newsletter. I’m 51. I don’t really even know what a “blog” is. This time he said to “make it personal”. I’m not so good at that. Not sure where to go with this; but, I want to make it relevant

  • Weight & strength training: Get Results!

    Body Weight Training has become more popular than ever this year, among people of all ages. Incorporating intervals of high intensity exercises, like the classic push-ups and jumping jacks, between other weight lifting exercises can help you get the most from your workout in a short time. In addition, strength training, especially for those over

  • Often times people take giant, enormous leaps of faith

    Often times people take giant, enormous leaps of faith, and go with what their heart is screaming at them. Those that can endure the change and come back transformed are amazing to be around. But, even better yet are the ones that want to share their story and help others going thru similar journeys, struggles,