• Skip the Fair Food and Get to the Good Stuff

    It’s that time of year again – the state fair. The greasy fried foods topped with powdered sugar are hard to turn down, but fear not because there are plenty of healthier alternatives to choose from. Consider this: One tray of fried Oreos (5 cookies) can skyrocket you to about 890 calories. Included with that

  • Goooooaalll!

    Okay, so, here we are…. January. New year, blah blah blah, resolutions, blah blah blah, and by the time you get to March — FAIL. Does this happen to you every year? Maybe you can do it differently this year, and maybe some of our tips will help: 1. Make it tangible. Write it down,

  • Television is extra – don’t let it dictate your life

    Relationship with TV Right now, I would like you to take truthful inventory on the hours you watch TV each day. This includes the news in the morning, the TV in the break room at work, and your favorite evening shows. Now multiply this by 7 (days). Take this number and multiply it by 52