• 2019. BRING IT ON!

    We all make goals for the new year. We want to make better decisions and create something that will stick with us through the year. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. Its a hit or miss, and really all depends on the dedication you throw into that goal. For some of of you and for

  • MY GYM, MY FITNESS, Mei Fitness

    MY GYM, MY FITNESS, MEI FITNESS Fitness gyms are everywhere. The competition is everywhere. Being able to separate your gym from that competition is a hard thing to do. However, it is very possible as shown by the owner of Mei Fitness. I first started going to the Southport location, the beginning of this past


    Getting into the gym can be taxing on you mentally, physically and very time consuming out of a busy day. Going to the gym isn’t something easy. Its an hour and some of your day spent putting hard work into your body when you might not see the results right away. Let me fill you