• Avoiding The Holiday Binge

    Temptations abound at this time of year, but celebration doesn’t have to mean overindulgence. Follow these tips to stay on track: Stay hydrated. Often people treat their bodies’ cues for thirst with food instead. Common party components of alcohol, salty snacks and sweet treats can all contribute to dehydration. Get your fill of water before

  • Practice Daily Patience for the Miracle

    Have you ever noticed the immense surge of motivation, discipline, will-power and pull towards a healthier, lighter you after the ball drops and we roll in the new year? We hype up all the possibilities that the new year will allow us if we get that perfect figure, fit into our skinniest jeans, run that

  • Connecting people together….

    It’s official! This LOVE TRAIN is taking off! Inspired by the loss of two amazing people in my life, my brother Logan, in a car/train accident , and my close fitness friend and clients, Megan Leek, due to adrenal cancer. Logan had a love of technology and social media (instant messenger back then) and really