Hi! It’s me again! Mel keeps asking me to write these “blogs” for the monthly newsletter. I’m 51. I don’t really even know what a “blog” is. This time he said to “make it personal”. I’m not so good at that. Not sure where to go with this; but, I want to make it relevant

  • Avoiding The Holiday Binge

    Temptations abound at this time of year, but celebration doesn’t have to mean overindulgence. Follow these tips to stay on track: Stay hydrated. Often people treat their bodies’ cues for thirst with food instead. Common party components of alcohol, salty snacks and sweet treats can all contribute to dehydration. Get your fill of water before

  • Who needs a Wellness Coach?

    Fitness can mean different things to different people. In the past, exercise, nutrition, and mental wellness were all handled in separate fields.  It has only been in the past few decades that these sectors have started to overlap and shift toward a total body approach for overall health.   With this trend, we’ve seen a