• Prime Equipment at Mei Fitness

    Do you feel like you’re stuck with the same ol’ machines and equipment at each gym you go to? At Mei Fitness, we are always looking for the latest and greatest for our members. If you’ve ever wondered about the plate loaded machines throughout the gym that have pegs labeled “1”, “2”, and “3” here

  • Workout virtually anywhere with iFit Treadmills — coming to Mei Fitness in Avon!

    It’s Fall in Indiana, and that means the weather is getting colder and wetter. If you’re a runner or cyclist, your outdoor training days are numbered. However, thanks to iFit technology you can now train on your favorite route all winter long. Our new iFit treadmills are pretty amazing. Powered by Google Maps™, the iFit

  • Don’t leave out your core!

    For optimal heath, it’s important to include core training in your exercise regimen. It’s not just about toning the abdominal muscles, but also strengthening your back, your glutes, and the entire area that connects to your spinal cord. 800-479-6710 First of all, this muscle group acts as a natural corset, making you look thinner with