• The Dangers of Dehydration

    Most people don’t realize what a difference drinking more water can make! If you feel tired or crave sweets often, try incorporating more H2O into your daily regimen – it can make a huge difference! Mild dehydration is extremely common and it affects your mood and energy levels. Simply being thirsty is not the only

  • New Apparel Coming to Mei Fitness!

    It is no secret that compression and comfort are essential for a successful workout. A tighter fitting material increases blood circulation and oxygen flow to the muscle groups being worked. Besides compression material being beneficial while you’re working out it prevents build-up of lactic acid which prevents soreness after a long night at the gym.

  • Detox your Brain

    I don’t know about you; but, for me, when I think about fitness, my focus is on working out, going to the gym, changing my eating habits, and a cleanse now and then. One of things I never thought about cleansing, or “Detoxing”, is my brain. How about you? Did you know 75% to 95%