3 Easy ways to Form better habits to Increase Productivity


First things first make your bed every morning. Making your bed is how you start your day its a simple accomplishment and the opposite is lazy. This small victory will set up all the good decisions that you will make throughout the day from task to task. Thus increasing your positivity and general productivity. If you don’t do this start now. Second don’t wait last minute plan your tasks ahead of time. Planning a day or week in advance will give you the clarity of vision towards accomplishing the task coming up. Write down what you plan, a good way to do this is with a whiteboard, writing down what you have to do that day or the next day. When you finish you clear the board feeling accomplished. Lastly drink more water this sounds weird but water is the foundation of life it’s important. If you workout your water requirements are higher than someone who doesn’t. Keeping water on you at all times will remind you to hydrate often throughout the day! keeping you on task, and improving the overall productivity of the day!

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