• Mei Fitness Trainer – Polly Blythe

    It’s a new week with a new start! and I’m excited to announce that I am now part of the @meifitness family serving members as a NASM certified personal trainer..I’m looking forward to this opportunity to train clients in person as well as continuing to coach clients online..Are you ready for a change? My passion is

  • Mei Fitness Fishers evangeline_deonjaylese

    It’s finally Friday! ⁣⁣ Full body Friday!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Every day this week I’ve woke up happy and excited to start my day. What changed? I started doing instead of wasting time on endless planning and making sure things were right. That helped me live in the now, get things done, got rid of my anxiety

  • Mr. Indiana @unconquerable_soul219

    Another Mei Fitness member becomes Mr. Indiana, thats two years in a row. Today; @unconquerable_soul219・・・What an amazing feeling to become MR. INDIANA! This year has been full of wins and loses! The loses being the hardest to get over. Losing my sister and biggest fan is still something I can’t get over or process still but