“Comparison KILLS authenticity”

We all want to stand out and make our mark in this world, yet, for some unknown reason, we try to conform to that which the world declares as perfection. Yet, if studied, this perfection changes over time, much like fashion trends do. So why try to fit the mold of something that will soon change?

We can try to make ourselves fit an array of ever-changing qualities, from our style, our passion, our relationships, our careers, our bodies, our hair styles, you name it and we will try to obtain it.

We often want what another has, and try to compete, or force, or become greedy without realizing what we already have within ourselves.

Sometimes the simplest things in life speak volumes, much like this quote by an anonymous writer:

“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms.”

This quote to me, is pure inspiration by one of the biggest sources of all, nature. A flower doesn’t care what is next to it, or what, when, why, or how it’s going to bloom. It only worries about blooming itself, and fulfilling it’s own purpose. And, by doing so, it gives off so much to the world for all to see as it’s God-given beauty.

When we compare all that we have against that of another, we begin to kill our own authenticity. We only see what we lack in comparison to what another has. This lack eats up our space of all that we already have within us, and robs us of our natural gifts, unique talents, and our own handcrafted quirks that make us ourselves.

Today, while on the mat, bring comparison into the mix, and notice when it comes into your life uninvited and when it begins to rob yourself of itself. This can easily start to occur when specific poses are more challenging for you, but maybe a breeze for someone else. When we feel fearful or inadequate, the comparison claws begin to come our and the more that you can generate awareness of it’s presence, the more politely you can shoe it away when it appears.

At the end of class:

“Comparison kills authenticity.” It degrades, destroys, and removes all that you are, for no purpose at all other than leaving you with a feeling of worthlessness.

Do not fail prey to that of the comparison trap. When you start, defer to gratitude. You will begin to see all that you already have inside, and can blossom at your own time, without needing others to allow you to blossom. You simply will, as the flower does.