Devote the month to setting an intention to love yourself

What is one thing that you can think of that links everyone and everything together? That has a translation from language to language, across various races, ages, sexes, political sides? What is the ONE link that connects us all despite our differences? As many choices (or lack thereof) that you might face choosing from……LOVE is that link.

It represents us all. It is everything, and it is also found within everything. It is also one of the few things in this world that heals itself with more of itself.

How amazing would it to be truly love deeper? Not simply with your loved ones, but with the one that all of this love resides within? That’s right, I’m talking about you.

Gandhi once said, “be the change you wish to see in the world.” I’ve always wanted to have a healthier relationship with myself. Yet, to do that, seemed to take more work than simply pruning and primping the external layer. The inner work needs more attention, more nourishment, and can be thought of as a bit more high maintenance. Grab a shovel because you’ll have to dig a bit deeper before you get to the bottom of who you truly are, which is simply raw love.

I’ve often shortened Ghandi’s quote to “be the change” and placed it on a mirror so that when you look at the words, you see a reflection of yourself. This is where change originates and will grow. This is where we must work from, from here on out.

This month is the beginning of February, highly known for the “love” holiday known as Valentine’s Day. Beyond a simple date, lets devote this month to setting an intention to love ourselves more. To dig a little deeper and remove what’s been preventing that inner light from being seen. We are starting a love project called “MangoFuel Love Train”…hop on board and I will explain next time where we’re headed and our purpose which is fueled by passion.

Have the best FUEL-filled day ever!

Megan Church

CEO of MangoFuel LLC