Eat Real Food with the Purpose of Fueling Your Body So That It Thrives

After awakening from a night filled with tons of unanswered questions that my great great grandparents had asked me, I was ready to seek out answers! I began to read articles, books, documentaries, and gain insight from experts. Soon, I began to wonder how often I had become brainwashed by marketing ploys to get me to buy their product?How items within the inner four walls of a grocery store are strategically placed so that the target audience is captured? Have you ever noticed how the “healthy” cereals are up higher on the shelves, and the more sugar loaded cereal is down low? Now imagine who sees this…adults are generally taller and kids are usually shorter…notice where their field of vision lies. I learned that generally, the outer four walls that scan the supermarket are where you need to spend your time and money browsing…less labeling and ads tempting you to try their product for the health benefits and more natural beauty and real nourishment (without the need for long labels) from your fresh produce.

But what then lies on the inner supermarket aisles? Have you noticed that less refrigeration is needed on the inside aisles, disregarding the freezer section? How on earth can some of these foods stay on the shelves for so long? Herein lies the solution…companies will load their products with cheaper sugars and hydrogenated oils to prevent them from going rancid as quickly. Wow you might think! I can keep this for a long time without it going bad! However, “Real food” should naturally have a shelf life, simply because all “life” grows and then decays. The “food-like objects” resemble food, but haven’t necessarily grown from the earth. Rather, they have been made using chemicals in a laboratory.

As I researched and learned, I got a bit overwhelmed…however I learned a lot! Ultimately, it came down to eating REAL food with the purpose of fueling my body so that it thrives! It is nice to learn from all sources, but ultimately learn from how YOUR own body reacts to different foods to be the ultimate judge. Thriving foods for some people can be poisons for others. Notice your self talk, creativity, and ability to focus after you consume certain foods. You might be surprised by your own bodies reaction after consumption. Always question what you learn and be curious about everything!

Have the best FUEL-filled day ever!

Megan Church
CEO of MangoFuel LLC