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I’ve changed my training styles up a little over the last few years. . I started my weight lifting journey and fell in love with the strength I gained 💪 . I was training for a powerlifting competition when I found out I was expecting baby number ✌ but that’s a story for another day ☺️ . Over the years I have found that my body needs consistency to build strength but also needs a break from all the heavy weights. . Then came along metabolic conditioning/Barbell complexes/ HIIT I sprinkle these in too and I love it. . Please don’t make me run on a treadmill for 45 min but I’ll throw weights around and do all kinds of functional training 😆 That’s just what I enjoy! . Bottom line, there’s a place for all types of training. What do you enjoy? 👇 Tell me! . . The workout: ➡️High Pull ➡️Clean Press ➡️Front loaded Reverse Lunge ➡️Underhand Bent-over Row 6 reps each— slowed tempo (video is sped up) 8 rounds or AMRAP for 40 min . . . .

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