Forgiveness is a must in healing

Healing must occur from the inside out, and cannot happen the reverse way. Band-aids and ointments can only help so much, as can people and teachers. They are simply methods, steps, and guides to LEAD you to the path of healing, not actually heal you specifically. They aren’t the end-all to true healing and freedom from suffering.

True healing must occur much deeper; aligning body, mind, and souls together and allowing them to reconnect and patch up the cracks that evolved into the pain in the first place.

Is it hard to be the one suffering or watch those you care enough suffer as they find their way? Absolutely. We begin to beat ourselves down when we look to the past at all that we “could have done” or the “what it’s” that often cycle in our minds. This in turn leads to more suffering and less space for healing to occur.

Forgiveness is a must. We must forgive each other for wrongful acts, and forgive ourselves for allowing the cracks to form in the first place. Forgiveness does not always mean forgetting either. Forgive yourself entirely, and let the journey of body, mind, and spirit realign, stitch together the broken pieces, and allow YOU to come back stronger than you ever were before.

Have the best FUEL-filled day ever!

Megan Church
CEO of MangoFuel LLC