Let this be your year to make it happen

It’s time to wrap up this resolution journey! The final step: the follow thru.

A recap of the initial article’s step three was:
3) Follow thru. This is often the hardest part for people. Continuing on the journey towards your resolution when the instant result isn’t always appearing as fast as you would like. This is where perseverance, patience, and discipline must be present. This must be done daily to create a habit. Skipping a day while forming this new habit can result into quitting altogether. 30 consistent days is generally the length of time to create a habit. Be extremely disciplined within the first 30 days on this new journey.

This is by far the hardest part for everyone to do, follow thru. Remember the example of the sprint pace versus the marathon pace? This is where too many start at that sprint space and end up getting too tired too early. They don’t space enough out and reserve some energy for all that lies ahead. An example I see very often is often those getting back into the gym or even getting into the gym for the first time. They go too hard the first day, and when they wake up the next morning, they can barely move. Instead of making it to the gym the next day, due to extreme soreness, they take the day off after only the second day. That day off ripples out into multiple days off, until they are not sore anymore, yet go back to the gym with an all out mentality again and land up right in the same position again.

Honor YOUR body and where you are at right now. You may not be ready for a full blown boot camp class yet. Try to find a beginners class or ask for help on deciding what would be the best fit for you starting out. Remember you want to be able to stick with this for the long haul, not simply for a few days.

The journey has just begun, so it is too early to tell when your body needs rest days, because that’s all it’s been accustomed to for the time up until now. You are going to have to fight thru some pain and soreness, some lack of motivation, and tiredness within the first few weeks. But be disciplined. Simply put your gym clothes on and get to the gym, or put in your DVD, or get to that class. Simply show up. Once you start, the battle is over.

You have every right to tone things down, but don’t simply give up. If your body is extremely sore, maybe today should be a slower paced cardio day with lots of stretching. You are still doing something great for your body, and also still forming this new habit paving the way to hugging that resolution.

Your own ego is going to try and get you to give up, to not stick to the plan. It’s going give you all the reasons in the world why you will fail again, and if you let it, fears will take over. This is where accountability, workout partners, a personal trainer, life coach, etc can be extremely beneficial, dependent upon your needs.

Set yourself up for success by creating your map of steps one and two, and make step three easier by simply showing up daily with what your body allows you to that day. It’s that simple, yet we make it so much harder than it needs to be. Let this be YOUR year to make it happen!

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Have the best FUEL-filled day every!

Megan Church
CEO of MangoFuel LLC