Make your internal world blossom this season

Adjustment to the fresh season of spring is always exhilarating. New seasonal items to enjoy cooking or preparing in the kitchen, new clothing attire, new temperatures, sunsets, sunrises, new greenery and the blossoming of plants and flowers are just a few perks of the season.

The earth has been diligently working underground and incubating all that has been planted, allowing the proper space and nourishment it needs for growth to occur when the time is right. Usually, this isn’t visible to the eye. However, we all know it is happening underneath because so many changes happen year after year like clockwork, instilling faith in all that is born with the change of season.

This is a prime example of true giving and receiving. The earth must take time away during the harshness of the winter, and restore its foundation to fertile soil once more. This fertility will allow vegetation to be birthed and seen above the ground. It will allow us to receive and also give back by simply using the bountiful gifts it provides. This is the ideal barter system.

Using nature as inspiration this week, in what ways have you been incubating something new to be birthed into the world with the new season. What have you been slowly nourishing and creating even if the physical results haven’t been visible?

If you haven’t been working on anything thus far, why not start now? Why not make sure that your internal world is packed with vitality and is fertile to birth the passion you have for whatever it may be. And, why not allow it to blossom this season so that others may receive it the same way we receive all of nature’s vegetation? Let your gift be a part of the natural ‘give and take’ relationship of this world! Nourish your foundation and beautiful growth will soon blossom!

Have the best FUEL-filled day ever!
Megan Church
CEO of MangoFuel LLC