Meet Jennifer Navara

Jennifer is first and foremost a mother to 4 boys. They are her biggest reasons why she continues to push herself and others to be the best they can be! Jennifer has always had a love for physical activity. She played numerous sports and ran in high school. She then spent 8 years in the Marine Corps where this type of lifestyle became second nature. Once she left active duty she chose to stay at home and be with her children. She found herself in a place most moms do. Gaining weight, always being tired and eating fast, unhealthy foods became an issue. One day she woke up and told herself she would not live that way anymore. Not for just herself, but to be there much more for her kids. She began taking fitness classes and finding healthy food options and found that love for fitness again. She lost 20 pounds and decided to take her fitness to the next level. Jennifer became certified in Insanity because it is a class that can push you. She wanted to teach a class that not only allowed participants to find a great way to get fit, but to reach them on a mental level. That when they feel like they can’t, they can! When they feel too weak, they will find that inner strength!
“If you have never found something that pushes you beyond your limits and makes you look for that inner strength… You HAVE to! Finding that inner strength means finding strength you never knew you had!” – Jennifer
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