Remove Dirt That No Longer Serves Us, Seek All That Life Offers

The fruits of our labor are beginning to appear after all the hard work that we have put into our harvest. But now what? In your garden, one item you planted were beets. So lets use this as an example to illustrate a point.

A beet is a root vegetable that “grows up” underneath the soil. It is a magnificent deep magenta color, with leaves that stand tall above the earth ‘s surface. Once it is ready to be picked, these leaves or what can be thought of as handles, need to be gripped in order to pluck that beet from its birth place. Placing it gently in your produce basket, you bring that along with other produce in the house ready to prepare.

However this beet is filthy dirty from living in the darkness of the earth. Realizing you can’t simply start cooking this item with so much dirt still bathing the beet, you grab a colander/ strainer and place the beets inside the strainer and run cold water over the beets to remove unneeded dirt. Now these beets can be dried and roasted, boiled, sautéed, etc to help nourish and fuel your body, fulfilling its purpose here on earth.

Now take this beet example, and lets apply it to our lives. This mesmerizing beet…yes I said this beet is mesmerized (if you don’t believe me, use a mandolin and thinly slice it to the width of a paper slice, and notice it’s stain glass like properties). This beet grew in the darkness into its true purpose here on earth. It needed time to be nourished, and grow through the depth of this dark period of its life to evolve into it’s true purpose. However, once the darkness was no longer needed, the beet was removed from the earth and then cleansed thoroughly to remove any remaining bits of soil still clinging to it that no longer were serving a purpose.

This beet, along with every other form of vegetation, can serve as a reminder to learn from the darker periods of our lives, to accept the lessons along the journey, and to remove any dirt that no longer serves us. Thrive and persevere through the darkness, seeking all that life offers to pursue your purpose here on earth. Be the mesmerizing beet, with the hidden light blasting through the stain-glass window to the world!