Shop Smarter and Support Small Businesses

You have a lot more influence than you might think when it comes to the environment around you. Make a positive impact, be proactive, and find local small businesses within your community to support!
Small businesses give more back to the community and provide more personalized service. When you make a purchase from a local small business you aren’t providing a BIG corporation CEO with a 5th vacation home or a 3rd yacht, you are helping a family just like yours in the community.
Here are some facts to ponder on:
• According to a study at Andersonville Study of Retail Economics, spending $100 at a local business generates $68 of economic activity whereas spending $100 at a big box retail company only generates $48.
• Money spent on a local business generates 3.5x more wealth in the local economy versus a chain business.
• If every family in the U.S. spent an extra $10 per month on local businesses we would generate 9.3 million dollars directly back into our economy.
• Supporting local gets you involved! Get to know the members of the community you live in.
Spread the word! Give shout outs on social media or mention to your family and friends about the experience you had at a business near you. Get to know the culture in your city and others by checking out local small restaurants, boutiques and gyms.
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