The moral of all this blabbing

Often times I would have to tell myself to be appreciative for all that I had now in the present, rather than focus on all that I want RIGHT NOW. It brings about a whole new perspective and makes you do the best that you possibly can using what you already have. Don’t compare yourself to other studios, instructors, companies, etc…learn from them and look up to them, but don’t degrade yourself for not being there yet. You are exactly where you are supposed to be right now. You can help someone anywhere, anytime, with nothing but yourself. If you say all these things enough, and continue to tell friends and family as well, you really begin to think this way. Yes, I’m not going to lie… There were many breakdowns and frustrations and setbacks…but that’s when you realize how much you really aren’t in control and your support system is there to help you see everything from the perspective you lost sight of for a moment. The more you are grateful and thankful for what all you DO HAVE, the more rich and fulfilling your life will be and the less room for all the “I wants” and “I needs” and “I wish I hads” to encompass.

Mango Fuel, LLC