Transformation to begin soon for many people….

“The external is never a true indicator of the internal. Remember this. When you can work diligently from the inside, it will naturally flow to the outside.”

Now I want you to think about some of the phenomenal creations that people are creating in the everyday world, transforming “trash into treasure.” Recycled plastic bottles are being made into anything you can imagine. Wrappers of all sorts are being made into bracelets, necklaces, purses and various other accessories. The aim at these examples lies in the fact that what was once discarded as trash, is now reused and made into something usable.  Simply by using it’s basic makeup of what it already was, it has been transformed into wearable treasure.

Using a true life example, beyond simply our bodies or other various recycled objects, I discussed a new project that is going to use exactly this means to help transform. Working over the weekend (inside the car wash detail room), I began to truly get excited. Sweeping, spraying, and blow drying with a blower became a way of preparing for transformation to soon begin for many people.

The excitement for me began to escalate as I could visually see something beyond the external of the framework of the building, much like those that see some thing in plastic bottles and wrappers.
However, this treasure was going to be built by those that actual wore the transformation around their hearts in the everyday life. This building was going to be the space to help make something we often treat like garbage (our bodies) and transform them back into what they were meant to be, treasure, from the inside out.

Using the detail portion of my dad’s car wash, “Elwood Car Care,” we prepared the space to let others experience transformation in a reusable space. A space that is far from the idealized yoga studio, but will prove, once again, the power of practicing from the inside out.

Join me this Thursday in the FIRST MangoFuel yoga class taught by yours truly from 6:30-7:30 pm. The location is at Elwood Car Care, with ample parking along the south side of the detail room. I will be traveling with 12 mats for a rental fee of $1 per mat, and class itself will be $10. Those that wish to attend, send a message via email to let me reserve you a spot and also if you want a mat reserved. The class can hold up to 30 students, from yoga rookies to advanced practitioners. Flexibility isn’t required.

Have the best FUEL-filled day ever!

Megan Church
CEO of MangoFuel LLC (not .com)