Who wants abs? Most people 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏼‍♂️


But what about spine stability? Not quite as sexy…however, it’s pretty important ☺️
Building core strength for spine stability affects daily life functions, posture, and is fairly critical for keeping your compound lifts safe.
One of the first things I focus on when training clients is strengthening the core and glutes because they are the foundation.
Want to make the most of your workout? Activate your core and glutes. See how that changes things. You’ll feel stronger and ready to take on more weight to improve those compound lifts, save you time in the gym while keeping you a little safer.
The dead bug is one of my favorites. It’s more difficult than it looks. But well worth adding into your routine.
A couple cues:
➡️Keep back pressed into the floor
➡️Keep abs tight and don’t let your lower back arch
➡️Exhale as you extend your leg and arm to the floor
➡️Take it slow
I hope this is helpful! If you take the time to strengthen your core you’ll build those abs. Like anything else is takes consistency and patience👌🏽
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– Mei Fitness
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