Work daily to create your own belief system

Nido R. Qubein’s mother used to tell him:”If you want to be great, you must walk with people who are great.” He continued on to say, “She meant that if you want to be happy, hang around people who are happy. If you want to be successful, hang around successful people. If you want to awaken the genius inside of you, then hang around people who are in touch with great ideas. And study books of greatness.”

What is your relationship with belief? Do you believe in belief? And, if you believe with everything that you have, without any fears and blockages holding back that belief, isn’t it bound to manifest at some point or another?

Belief is extremely powerful. Cancer has stolen the lives of so many amazing people, but their belief in living and surviving transformed this death sentence to a life filled with the upmost gratitude for beating the odds.

Belief in the moment, as with excelling professional sports athletes and Olympic athletes must hold onto their belief system. For if they doubt for a spilt second themselves or their next move while their opponent is fully rooted in their own belief system of winning, defeat is inevitable.

Belief in an idea that seems unfathomable by so many outsiders would get crushed by the inventor, if they didn’t have their belief system deeply rooted as well. Inventions such as flight, space travel, Facebook, electricity, etc would never have been successfully developed without the firm belief that their idea could work.

The quote introduced at the beginning of this article illustrates another ‘part’ of the ‘whole’ of belief. You simply must surround yourself with others that help support your beliefs as well as believe in you. Will there be doubters, haters, and people ready to watch you fail? Absolutely, but you can choose how much of your day they get to take up. Instead, surround yourself with those that have used this belief system to manifest something that at one point was unbelievable.

Work diligently at creating your own belief system. Work on it daily, and learn from others. Tighten the reigns on the amount of time you let unsupportive people surround you. Belief is the secret to so many people’s breakthroughs and success stories, simply by believing in something and planting it into the subconscious bank. From this subconscious field, it will steer you in the direction of your goal, even when you aren’t consciously aware.

I will leave you with an old Latin proverb: “believe that you have it, and you will have it.”

Have the best FUEL-filled day ever!

Megan Church
CEO of MangoFuel LLC