• You Need Room to Grow and Thrive

    The season has changed from winter into spring, and with the seasonal shift (beyond the shedding of clothing), comes a new collection of spring produce. Asparagus, fava beans, shallots oh my! The list continues on and throughout the season as we head closer to summer, more produce begins to pop their tiny little sprouts
    out of the earth or blossom off the trees.

    But, how did this produce suddenly appear? Actually, there is no sudden or
    hurried produce that will be planted one afternoon, and pop up the next
    morning. Don’t believe me? Ask a fellow farmer or a garden enthusiast. Nature
    must take its course and provide optimal time and nourishment in order for
    proper growth to occur. Lets break this down…

    A location for the future produce/flowers/etc must be scouted out. The proper
    soil, light, space, time of year must be accounted for in order to produce
    magnificent fruit. Once this occurs, a hole is dug, and the seeds are planted,
    spacing them out accordingly so the underworld of roots can expand and grow and
    capture all it’s allotted nutrients. These nutrients must be sent thru the
    plant’s root system much like our internal vascular system. Nutrients are
    transported thru our circulatory system throughout our bodies to the
    appropriate body parts, cells, etc in order to keep them alive and vibrant.
    Although these important systems cannot be seen without digging into the earth
    or taking surgical methods to view the inside systems in the physical body, one
    must provide the adequate nourishment in order for these systems to thrive and

    Maintenance of these growing specimens must occur. Weeds, pests, and natural
    occurrences may try and steal from your plants growth or even begin to nibble
    on the upcoming fruits. The plant needs ample room to grow and continue
    spreading its roots, so weeds must be removed in order for this plant to
    thrive. Compare this to ourselves as human beings. We continually need to grow
    and thrive, and often times “weeds” such as negative thoughts, a
    sedentary lifestyle, people who aren’t supporting us but rather bringing us
    down, or inadequate fuel could all hinder our growth! Weed these things out of
    your way! You need room to move, grow, and thrive! Is it work? Absolutely, but
    it often takes getting your hands dirty, a bit of hard labor and sweat to see
    that beautiful fruit become ripe and ready to be picked! Oooohhhhh, the fruits
    of our labor become that much more nourishing when we’ve helped it grow up into
    something that can then help nourish not only ourselves, but others as well!

    Have the best FUEL-filled day ever!

    Megan Church

    CEO of MangoFuel LLC

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