Action produces motivation

Feeling frustrated, fat or like a failure? Yeah we’ve all been there and felt those feelings, fought those thoughts.
Some days it’s extremely hard if not impossible to dig yourself out of those emotions. It feels like you can never do ___, whatever the goal is.
One thing I’ve learned is that taking some sort of action—a step, even if it’s small, is the only way to get there.
Yes, it seems so simple but when you’re mentally in that place, it’s not that easy.

A couple things to consider when you find yourself lacking motivation and feeling like a failure:
▶️ Call a friend. Having people in your life you can call who understand and have positive things to say to offer support
▶️ Hire a coach or trainer. Having an expert to take control so you don’t have to think or question your method
▶️ Ask your partner or friend to hold you accountable (and get specific!) I’m a big fan of check ins. Having a daily and weekly check in helps monitor progress and open up conversation.
Communicating with others and yourself about how you feel changes the way you show up in the world.
So if you are struggling, you’re not alone! We have all fought our own battles. But reach out! Ask yourself what you need. Find someone you can trust to help you take a step.
Helping people is my passion. Let me know how I can help you. Take that step you’ve been waiting for this week!
Polly Blythe
Mei Fitness
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