Break your resolution down into smaller steps

This week we will continue on our journey of breaking down resolutions, focusing more on step two. A recap of last week’s step two is this:

2) Plan of attack and “the how.” Break your resolution down into smaller steps. Generally we dream big, yet forget to break our dreams down into smaller more attainable parts. We forget to do this because we believe we can conquer the biggest goal instantly within a week. Those that break the goal down into smaller steps generally are the ones that end up meeting their resolution with open arms. The key to the “how,” is to then take the first step towards the tiniest part of the overall whole goal.

Real life examples are the perfect way to explain this. Using a common example of getting healthy and weight loss, I will break it down into smaller steps.

The first step is initiated, health and weight loss. Now this needs to be described more according to your specific goal. How much weight loss in what amount of time. Will you measure this by the scale, physical measurements, or by how your clothes are fitting? Have you ever been at your goal weight or shape, or is this new territory? If you have been here before, find a picture of yourself at that build, and put it within your view. If you have not, visualize what your entire body will look like using your own genetic makeup as the starting material. Remember you have to begin with your starting materials.

Step one is the easiest portion of the resolution puzzle. But, for this week we are focusing more on step two, the ” how to” and the follow thru steps.

How will you make it to your resolution goal of becoming more healthy while shedding weight?

The first step is grabbing your calendar and planning workout appointments with yourself. Do you belong to a gym? Do you have a home gym? Do you have no gym, but have workout DVDs? Use whatever tools that are accessible to you, and mark your dates in you calendar based off the number of days within the week that you can give to your goal. Do not cancel your appointments with yourself.

Although losing weight and becoming healthy need more than just fitness to be birthed into reality, this is the portion that will be of focus for this article. (You would also need other sources of fuel, from motivation, your food habits, mental nourishment, and your connection to something greater than yourself as other examples.)

Break the lengths of time down that you would commit to each day in your calendar. Now breakdown what your focus will be each day. Will you do a group fitness class? Straight cardio? Weight training exercises only? Yoga? Remember variety is the spice of life, so try to add variety within your week. The body needs a mixture of everything, not the same thing done every single day.

If a lot of this scares you, reach out for help to those that are experts in this area (ahem…MangoFuel). They do this for a living and can help guide you and keep you on track. Remember when you need help in other areas of life (aka plumbing), what do you do? Well, you call a plumber. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Especially if it can change your life.

Now, you have a plan and a “how to”. You have made the time in your schedule, have mapped out your plan, and the next step is the follow thru step which will be continued on to next week. You can always adapt your plan as changes occur, or as life throws you curveballs. However, stick to your plan the best you can. The beginning is always the hardest part. Remembering this is vital.

Focus on your own step two, and break it down as we have done. This will help immensely for next week when we conquer step three.

Have the best FUEL-filled day ever!

Megan Church
CEO of MangoFuel LLC