Connecting people together….

It’s official! This LOVE TRAIN is taking off! Inspired by the loss of two amazing people in my life, my brother Logan, in a car/train accident , and my close fitness friend and clients, Megan Leek, due to adrenal cancer. Logan had a love of technology and social media (instant messenger back then) and really connecting with people. The “Leekster” as I called her, was an avid health enthusiast and had her own battles with an eating disorder and body image distortions as I did too. The day before she died, she told me over the phone, “Meg, make MangoFuel huge, and make me proud.” I will never, ever , let those words leave my heart.

I’m taking tough portions of my life, and flipping them to a positive perspective in this kaleidoscope of life! Logan loved to connect with people, laugh, show people things he found, learn from others, was also big into fitness and lifting, and he also liked to eat my food at a young age. Megan was an amazing spirit inside and out. She was a teacher and healer through and through, and was one of the very first people to know about my long term goal of MangoFuel. I know that if she were alive today, she would be helping me with this project by using experience to help people move past their eating disorders (as one avenue) and really embrace all that your body allows you to do not just in a day but in a lifetime. Her death was the final straw to my own recovery from my own struggles that I thought I had solved. She helped fuel me to find that last piece to the whole puzzle.

Using Logan as my train conductor, and Megan as my caboose, we want to connect as many people together as possible, making inspiration our focus, which will fuel and ignite others’ passions, simply by living our own.

Our launch date is March 3rd for our first 4 part video package! Information for sign ups will be on our website at: (not .com). More information on what is to come will be continued on in upcoming articles! Until then, mark your calendars and get excited for all that is to come your way!

Have the best FUEL-filled day ever!
Megan Church
CEO of MangoFuel LLC