Dharma Talk

How often do we see beautiful and powerful beings, objects, or artwork waiting to happen, but the source doesn’t fully know its worth? The source doesn’t realize it’s own potential that’s dying to break free and create something powerful? To create something that only it has the power to make manifest?
This is something that has been heavy on my heart lately, and clearly needed to be created into a dharma talk. It needed to break free from my own heart and mind and come into being.

Imagine a light bulb that isn’t linked to the energy source, thus holding back its light. Imagine Dali and Van Gogh with incredible artistic visions and all the paints and canvases needed in the world, but never having had the first brushstroke taken. Imagine Beethoven sitting at the piano, with notes and Rhythmic concoctions floating wildly in his head, but never placing his hands upon the keys.

Until the power from within is unleashed, the power will never be made visible, heard, smelled, tasted, or felt. Instead, it simply is stored inside like a warehouse, never able to appear until the power is detected and directed towards manifestation.

But, a huge part of unleashing this power and creativity stems from being fearless, ready to dive in and go for it, and simply owning your own power source for all that it is and wants YOU to be. The latter is one of the hardest parts, acknowledging that what might be buried, dusty, dirty, or not even known just yet, wants to be incubated only for so long before it eventually wants to come alive! It wants to have its spotlight!

Before we practice, I want you to look inside and see your own intense power. Do not listen if the ego is screaming that you have none, because its wrong, you absolutely do. You have something inside you that only you can set free. How crazy awesome and scary is this all bunched up together?!? We are all walking grenades, waiting to explode our purpose, passion, and gifts to the world.

At the end of class:

Remember, “You are very powerful, provided you know how powerful you are.” Yogi Bhajan

How much power is made visible at the present moment? What level does it show? Have you been incubating this power for too long and is it time to let it go free? Have you found your power, and if you haven’t, have you searched at all?
You must believe that you have the power hidden inside you to manifest your purpose. When will your grenade blow up the world around you, changing the world for the better, simply because you finally realized that you had the power to create your dreams and help others do the same.