Eating Healthier to Improve your Health


Americans are known for having horrible diets. We either eat too much or eat too little. To make things worse most of the food marketed to us are filled with too much salt, fat, and sugar with very little nutrients towards overall health. You might notice how much weight you are gaining. Whether that’s from eating fast food, or too much processed food most Americans don’t even know what is healthy from unhealthy. Ask yourself this question am I having one serving of fruits and vegetables a day? If the answer is no, you more than likely have an unhealthy diet. Leading to weight gain, lack of energy, lack of motivation, loss of sleep, and sometimes even depression. But don’t worry here are a few tips to quickly improve your health and make better food choices overall.


The first step to eating healthier to improve your health is eating out less and taking the time to cook a majority of your food! When shopping for groceries avoid the middle isles and shop along the outside. Why is this is important? If you think about it all the lean protein sources (chicken, beef, turkey, fish, eggs, cheese & yogurt) are along the walls of the store. All the fresh produce fruits and vegetables are at the front of the store. When you venture into the middle isles what do we see besides, frozen pizzas and frozen that, ice cream, candy, and processed food such as chips, macaroni & cheese, and sugary snacks. While in the moment we all enjoy these foods, this is the main reason Americans in general are unhealthy as the food groups we should be following, and their nutritional value are never meant.


The last step is the easiest drink more water! Water is so important it what helps to deliver nutrients to our body, boost our energy levels, helps in the digestion of food, is a natural detoxifier, aids in weight loss and feeling fuller longer. If you ever notice that you are thirsty or cramping you’re already dehydrated and need to be drinking more water! Try flavoring your water if you want the same taste of juice, and other sweet drinks. Even a diet soda is a better option than a regular soda. The easiest way to improve your health and lose weight is to stop drinking your calories!


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