It takes a village and a strong network to raise a resolution

2013 is officially gone, just in the nick of time to welcome with open arms, the snow-filled new year of 2014. January is known for the resolution season. It is a time to dream big and set out to achieve what may seem impossible. Resolutions can range from small goals to big goals, and all of those in between. There are no limits, yet we tend to set our own limitations, never realizing that this is the limiting factor.

Although it is natural to set out with the greatest intention to make our resolutions stick this year, the success rate, on average, is rather slim. We generally start out with a ton of motivation, willpower, and inspiration the first few days. But when those characteristics begin to be stripped away, or the motivation doses become less concentrated, so do our efforts at maintaining the effort to reach our resolutions. Consequently, it leads many into automatic failure mode, dreams crushed, and sometimes depression in a worse state than would have been reached prior to the resolution. Thoughts of next year already take the place of this years resolution.

Year after year, I find it inspiring to watch a world dream big, to yearn to be better than the previous year. I enjoy watching everyone set goals to make this happen, and watch people set out with such gusto as they begin.

What i find heart breaking, however, is what generally follows the attempts. We start out too strong, similar to a sprint pace when we what we need is endurance for this marathon. We lack the endurance when the obstacles, setbacks, and tests appear and when true strength is needed.

So how do we undo this vicious trap that many of us fall into year after year? Well, we look at it from a different angle and plan accordingly.

First, what is a resolution to begin with? By definition, it is a firm decision to do or not to do something. Many synonyms include intention, resolve, decision, intent, aim, and plan. Now that we know exactly what is is, what’s the next step from here?

My 3 steps of suggestion are these:

1) Figure out your resolution(s) or intention. Describe and define it the best that you can so that you see exactly what you are aiming for.

2) Plan of attack and “the how.” Break your resolution down into smaller steps. Generally we dream big, yet forget to break our dreams down into smaller more attainable steps. We forget to do this because we believe we can conquer the biggest goal instantly within a week. Those that break the goal down into smaller steps generally are the ones that end up meeting their resolution with open wide arms. The key to the “how,” is to then take the first step towards the tiniest part of the overall whole goal.

3) Follow thru. This is often the hardest part for people. Continuing on the journey towards your resolution when the instant result isn’t always appearing as fast as you would like. This is where perseverance, patience, and discipline must be present. This must be done daily to create a habit. Skipping a day while forming this new habit can result into quitting altogether. 30 consistent days is generally the length of time to create a habit. Be extremely disciplined within the first 30 days on this new journey.

As we are already in the second week of January, and goals are already created, work on ‘step one’ more. Describe and detail your goal, or if you haven’t set any, set them now. Work on step one in great length. This month will be entirely dedicated to resolution work, as we dive deeper into steps two and three within the next few weeks.

Lets create a huge network of support. Voice your resolutions to others, set up post- it notes of reminders, or create a vision board. Write your resolution down daily. Check out our Facebook page (MangoFuel) for inspiration and motivation daily or our blog found on our website at “” not “.com.” They always say it takes a village to raise a child, why wouldn’t it take a village and a strong network to raise a resolution?

Have the best FUEL-filled day every!

Megan Church
CEO of MangoFuel LLC