Practice Daily Patience for the Miracle

Have you ever noticed the immense surge of motivation, discipline, will-power and pull towards a healthier, lighter you after the ball drops and we roll in the new year? We hype up all the possibilities that the new year will allow us if we get that perfect figure, fit into our skinniest jeans, run that first 5K, or fit into our wedding dress.

The first day we are like an unleashed wild animal ready to attack the weights, have a cardio sweat fest, dance our booties off, and practice the most precise efforts to eating healthy that we can. However, as the “high” wears off and the fatigue and soreness sets in, or the blandness of eating boiled chicken day in and day out begins to dampen our hopes of ever seeing that dream body. Feelings of hopelessness, inadequacy, or being ill-equipped for the challenge, along with lack of will power to pass on the fries and choose instead, steamed broccoli, begin to flood our brains.

These negative feelings and emotions can become so strong that they will knock you over and control your every move. They will talk you into binging, to over indulging, to watching countless hours of reality TV to numb the fact that once again, you’ve already “failed” to meet your goal again, and this time it only took a week. Maybe next year will be MY year.

So what is it that makes some people stick to a path of health and others to easily give up? How does the problem seem to get harder as we let it go on year after year? We want our “ideal” vision of ourselves to appear instantaneously the day after our first workout, and then get let down when we look into the mirror. But why???

“Instant” success becomes our ultimate goal that we strive for in the world we live in today. But instant will never be as gratifying or taste as quite as good as lasting transformation. The difference is that in order for the transformation to take place, we need to practice daily patience for the miracle to take place. Any product that guarantees “instant” success through your external body will never occur permanently, until you’ve worked internally as well, so put down that “magic” elixir.

Before any tips are shared, a moment for self evaluation needs to occur. Take inventory of all the fears that hold you back from thriving, from being successful with the gym or some form of physical movement, or eating healthy REAL food with a purpose rather than numbing your insecurities that end up magnified after the numbing wears off. Write them down and look at them. Experience the emotions that have arisen from past failures or even successes with each goal that you have made. What excuses also seem to permeate into the mix? There are numerous resources to help you in all areas necessary, so despite how long your list may be, DO NOT become discouraged. Take some time…think…feel…write…and lets free your body, mind, and soul from the shackles that keep it bound to fear and flood it with all sources of premium FUEL to get that body thriving in freedom!

Have the best FUEL-filled day ever!

Megan Church

CEO of MangoFuel LLC