The Call Leader Article #54

Think about the energy that is propelling your body forward in life everyday. Ask yourself what is it’s FUEL source. Is it something external, such as caffeine from coffee, tea, soft drinks, energy drinks, or massive amounts of sugar, etc? Whatever your source is, is there a dependency upon it to get you through the day, each and every day? If you no longer had it that day, would you function at your highest capacity?

We often take poor choices of energy that will create a ‘crash,’ that will then leave us reaching out for more of the very thing that brought us up before. It becomes a viscous cycle of ups and downs, seeming more often than not, that on our way down is when we begin to reach for poor choices in fuel. Fuel such as sugary, artificial junk because we must grasp and cling to something that will bring us back ‘up’ again.

However, what happens to our sleep quality? Our digestion? Our ability to rest and digest, and fully recharge for the day following in order to thrive?

Sleep isn’t of the highest quality as a result, because we are speeding our bodies up and not giving them adequate time to re-fuel, using the highest quality of nutrition and sound sleep. Instead, we need more of this artificial stimulating energy source to power us through the day, thus creating a domino effect in our lives.

There has become a positive shift in CEOs and presidents of huge companies, realizing the importance of allowing employees time to break and refuel, using positive modes of fuel. Healthier food options, nap rooms, more frequent breaks, and an emphasis on health and well being is becoming commonplace. The overall increased rate of production seen from healthy employers due to these changes, is proof in the pudding.

Realization that our balance has been thrown off, an emphasis on restoring this balance in a highly stimulated and fast paced world is on high demand in today’s world. Quality work versus quantity of work is being examined from the view points of production, as well as employees’ states of happiness in regards to the work they perform, to name a few.

The rise in big companies seeking to reestablish a balanced system of health and well being is refreshing. Employees that have crashed and burned due to overstimulation and being overworked (without much to prove) is being examined under the microscope, and major changes are underway.

With this being said, take inventory of YOUR inner world. How is it affected by this fast paced world? Are you able to keep up, without the need to over-do the external sources of unhealthy fuel, or will they leave you tapped out day in and day out?

Start to evaluate this week on the number of caffeinated beverages you consume daily, and at which times during the day consumption takes place. Look at your sleep patterns, such as the time you fall asleep and the time you wake up each day. Evaluate the quality of your sleep on a scale of 1 to 10. Examine the number of sugary snacks you reach for throughout one day, and how you feel immediately after consumption.

Have the best FUEL-filled day ever!

Megan Church
CEO of MangoFuel LLC (not .com)