What is Body Recomposition? And how is it done.

Body recomposition is an approach to fitness for weight loss by focusing on building and gaining muscle while losing body fat at the same time. By increasing strength and muscle mass, you will boost the amount of calories you burn through the day. Why body recomposition helps with losing body fat. Body recomposition takes about 8-12 weeks  for results to be extremely noticeable. The type of training you do heavy compounds, hypertrophy with accessories and cardiovascular conditioning while important,  come second to the importance of diet. The most important factor to achieving body recomposition and an overall healthier body is the food you put in it. Eating more on your training days and less on days you don’t. The basics of most successful diets by cycling your nutrition with what you’re doing that day. Body recomposition has the best results with beginners, and intermediate to advance lifters who have taken time off from training.

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