Focus on what you can control

This is something I’ve written in my journal most days since late February, before the quarantine.
Now that we are deep into this pandemic and social isolation, it definitely has a bigger meaning.
What can you control?
Your mindset.
Your diet.
Your physical activity.
Take time to take a look at these for a second. What are the things that we can replace, change and rethink?
We don’t have to lose progress…just modify.
It’s been a tough few weeks for all of us. We all had to grieve in our own ways. But now, what can you do to make this day, this week, this month better?
Focus on what you can control. That’s where we see change and action. We can’t wallow in our fear or frustration for ever.
Let’s do what we can and take one day at a time!
Midweek isn’t too late to turn your week around! If you need a coach, I have a three openings left!
I work with clients throughout the week on mindset, nutrition and fitness goals. Let me know what I can do to help you. We all need some support and help along the way. I’m here for you!
I’d love to hear about some ways you are focusing on the things you can control during the quarantine…drop them here

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