Alleviate Back Pain

Want that lean look and elegant posture of a Yoga or Pilate’s instructor? Well good posture starts from a strong core! That means exercising.  When trying to improve your posture; focus on the abdominal area and low back muscles around your torso, for instance by flexing, bending, extending, or rotating your spine.

       If you have lower back pain it’s possible that you have weak core muscles, poor posture as well can make back pain much worse, a common problem with 31 million Americans today.  Core strengthening helps ease and prevent lower back pain. The American college of sports medicine and the American heart association urge all healthy adults to add muscle strengthening to your fitness program at least twice a week.

If you are one of those 31 million Americans today struggling with back pain here are a few stretches that can help you. Neck and shoulder stretches, Flexion stretch (knees to chest); also lateral flexion (ear to shoulder). But nothing beats going to the gym as Mei Fitness has many core strengthening machines, such as the torso rotation, abdominal crunch machine, crunch bench, back extension, and ab blaster classes. We also have personal trainers if coming to a gym scares you because you don’t know where to begin. Don’t let bad posture and weak core muscles affect you in the long run. Take care of it. Be fit.