Benefits of the Sauna

Your gym might have a sauna, and you might wonder what the actual benefits are, Is it heating up the body for recovery, or is it for weight loss? In studies the sauna is shown to reduce mortality rates in male and females by over 40%. Saunas are a form a heat therapy that have tons of benefits for the body. Saunas increase your cardiovascular system increased plasma, and blood flood helping your heart work less. The heat activates heat shock proteins in the body, this is usually activated when you work out. The benefits of these heat shock proteins it that it helps to reduce damage happening to our cells. A good example of this is the damage our cells take as we age. By using the sauna you’re reducing the damage that occurs as you age by these heat shock proteins. These proteins remain activated for up to two weeks after one sauna use. Improving your overall longevity in life and even preventing muscle atrophy. Saunas reduce stress, they are relaxing why you feel calm and rejuvenated after each use. Saunas also help to detoxify the body, releasing lactic acid, sodium, and unic acid. The saunas enhance oxygenation in the body thus releasing these built-up toxins. Saunas even help with sleep the studies show that a deeper more relaxed sleep occurs after sauna use. Muscle recovery saunas help your muscles to recover, increasing blood flow to heal, releasing endorphins for reduction in pain, reducing inflammation, and muscle soreness. Lastly your immune system sauna use helps to relieve allergy, and sinus sickness. Even increasing the production of white blood cells in the body to fight any ailments. When looking for a good sauna make sure it’s hot enough! The temperature should be at 160°F and 210°F for the heat therapy to work. All mei fitness locations saunas stay at the 190-210 range so make sure to use it when you stop by!