Celebrating Pedal Power this May

Cyclists are a diverse group. From roadside commuters to adventurous mountain bikers to serious racers to spin class enthusiasts, they have at least one thing in common: they all are taking advantage of the many health benefits of bicycling.

In honor of National Bike Month, we’re encouraging everyone to put the pedal to the pavement this May. Bicycling, along with being the most efficient mode of human locomotion, is also one of the best activities for improving overall fitness by: 

• Improving cardiovascular health

• Building muscle tone

• Ramping up your metabolism

• Challenging your coordination

• Strengthening your immune system

• Being linked with good mental health and increased lifespan

In addition to having many of these same benefits as outdoor cycling, spinning has lots of added perks. First, there are no excuses: the gym is open rain or shine. Also, certified spinning instructors like our Angie Johnson and Kelly Willis-Rice keep you motivated and encourage you to push yourself.  The classroom vibe is upbeat and invigorating. 

Plus, you can adjust your resistance to accommodate any fitness level and keep it challenging, as you get stronger. Spinning routines are tailored to burn lots of calories in a short amount of time—close to 1,000 in a 45 minute class—and the intense workout tones both your legs and core.

Whether bicycling on your daily commute, training for the Indy Crit or other area bike race or joining our spin class at MEI Fitness, adding cycling to your fitness regimen is definitely worth considering. 800-479-6710