Everyone is meant to glow & leave a blazing trail that helps others

Integration has been a huge word that has rapidly taken over the course of my life for the better in so many ways. As a teacher and the creator of MangoFuel, I help to integrate what appears separate, back together again thru the means of various fuel sources: food, nutrition, fitness, yoga, spirituality, relationships with others and yourself, and your connection in this world.

I write and speak a lot throughout the week, either in class, with clients, in videos, or in interviews as part of the MangoFuel Love Train. This column has been a way to infuse more love and inspiration into the community. One of my aims is to help “ignite your passion” and to help you become more aware of the ways you get in your own way.

Back to the above mentioning of integration, with that being a part of my own journey, I also want this column to be even more integrated with what I teach. I want it to flow more naturally with the weekly teachings that I teach in various classes. This week will be a sample writing during one of my yoga classes. This way, anyone, near or far can have a bit of yoga, even if you aren’t doing the physical practice Itself.

My dharma/inspirational talk for my yoga class:

“The coined phrase “I’m going with my gut” is something that gets thrown around a lot, but do we often know what it means?

Your gut, or soul, or even referred to as your instincts is that little internal GPS that can steer you wherever your heart truly desires. But often we have it turned off, or have too much going on to actually hear it. We drown it out with busyness, yet when push comes to shove, the only way to hear the directions is by silencing the noise, slowing down, and hearing our individual direction we should take.

Remember the ‘warmer/colder’ game that we all played growing up, indicating if you were getting closer to or further away from a secret object? The warmer that you were, the closer you were to the object, and vice versa. I feel as if this can be analogous to soul work…when you are being led by your gut, you are closer in alignment to your source or your truest desires. When you drown the GPS directions out, you are actually getting colder versus warmer in which you would be approaching your destiny.

When you are doing anything in life, ask yourself are you getting warmer or colder. If you are getting warmer, you are being directed to your own way, by your very own unique path. When you are getting colder, maybe you’ve taken a few u-turns, detours, and wrong exits. Accordingly, you have to come back and start over on your path. But the secret lies in continuing to check in internally and listen for directions.

Anytime that pure presence is involved, I would say you are hot hot hot. You are in alignment with your truest desires. This can be with people, relationships, your career, your connection to something larger than life, etc. When you stay “hot” you will be a blazing ball of fire that will continue to glow more intensely when everything that is a part of your life is in alignment.

If you are more on the cold side of searching, your light may be so dim that it isn’t providing adequate light. This light isn’t shining bright enough, yet for you to see your way thru your own maze of discovery. When you begin to remove the portions of your life that are dimming your light, your fire inside will start to gradually grow deeply. Yet, it doesn’t have to happen all at once. One little piece removed, can instantly make your fire burn brighter and allow you to get warmer in this game. Or maybe, just maybe find the object.

Ask yourself how warm or cold are you in this game that is being translated to real life? If you are on fire, you know that you are in alignment with your purpose and everything of which is involved. If you are getting colder and colder, what is steering you off track? At times it can be overwhelming, but once you begin to listen, you will be astounded by what your body is trying to lead you ‘to and thru.’

At the end of class:

Continue to bring this analogy into your daily life. In the real game, if you continue to get colder and colder, you shift directions until you find that warmer spot. This translates to life…quit going in the wrong direction that is steering you away from all that you can be and who you truly are. You are meant to glow and leave a blazing trail that helps spark others too. Check in frequently and ask yourself are you getting warmer. If the answer is yes, continue doing just that. You will not be steered wrong.”

Have the best FUEL-filled day ever!

Megan Church
CEO of MangoFuel LLC