Fitness & Foodtastic Friday

Very rarely do you see anyone in a gym without some sort of music playing in their ears. For those few that don’t listen to music using headphones, most listen to the music chosen by the gym that plays to the public. Variation in artists, genres, beats per minute, etc can drastically change a workout from being sub par to extraordinary. Sometimes a need for upbeat music may hit the spot, whereas other times, soothing wordless music may allow the mind to zone out and simply be! I told my Monday Turbokick class to pay attention to how music affects them throughout class. I mentioned how we had been so accustomed to a month of the same songs, similar moves, with slight variations, but more or less the class was structured the same. That we often let the beat carry us, let it move us, let it speak to us. I told them to pay attention to when they begin to feel tired, how like magic a new surge of energy can bust through their veins as a new fun song begins to play. This song can trump that initial feeling of being tired! How cool is that? Just think…this power of music is only being referred to in the gym! I haven’t referenced to what it can do to a heart break, a death, love, a scene in a movie, etc. Bottom line, MUSIC MOVES! A little food for thought the next time you hear something that moves you during a class or during your own workout. – See more at:


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