Mei Fitness has Fitness on Demand

Do you enjoy classes provided at Mei fitness but can’t seem to find one scheduled at that perfect time for you? Have you ever skipped a day at the gym because work ran late and you weren’t able to make it on time? Do you want to make fitness a priority but need some extra motivation to take you through a workout?

Fitness on Demand could be the perfect solution for you!

At Mei fitness, we understand the importance of making time for yourself – so we have provided you with the tools you need to be successful! Via the 80″TV located in our classroom a virtual instructor will take you through an entire workout as if you were attending a class in person.
Here’s how:
Step One: Select desired course on iPad
Step Two: Class will pop up on the TV. A description of the equipment needed for each class will be displayed along with how many calories burned per hour.
Step Three: Grab the essential equipment and enjoy! A virtual instructor will take you through an intense, well rounded workout to get those results you’ve been looking for.
These classes are great because if you are a person who simply likes the idea of doing a class minus all the other people, you can get the benefits of a class without attending a scheduled one.
Fitness on Demand has a variety of classes including:
Martial Arts
Mind and Body

It is important to find a fitness regimen that is personal and achievable for you – that’s how you become successful! With all the different options available with Fitness on Demand there is sure to be classes you find enjoyable. This option gives you the opportunity to try new and different types of workouts to add variety to your normal routine.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a time to come check out the facility give us a call at