Member @megmreyn

Woke up today feeling BLESSED and THANKFUL to live the life i do!!! it’s easy to get stuck in the habit of having a negative mindset and always looking at the glass half-empty.
being involved in the healthcare field has really opened my eyes to the cruelties of life. i’m with people every day that have terminal and chronic illnesses & mental and physical disabilities that they have little to no control over. it really makes you realize how amazing & horrible life can be for some people. when i leave clinical or work, i have the freedom to do whatever i want, whether that’s spending time with the people i love or going to the gym…. i’m not confined to a hospital bed with a life-ending disease.
it’s hard to handle all of the stressors and complications life throws at us but it’s up to you to wake up everyday thankful and happy to be alive! #foodforthought #ifyoucandreamit #youcandoit #rightryan (800) 479-6710