Often times people take giant, enormous leaps of faith

Often times people take giant, enormous leaps of faith, and go with what their heart is screaming at them. Those that can endure the change and come back transformed are amazing to be around. But, even better yet are the ones that want to share their story and help others going thru similar journeys, struggles, upsets, and even simply being there along the seeking path, even if they haven’t the slightest clue that in which they are seeking.

Personally, I want to be one of those people, and give back what I have learned that has helped in very trying and challenging times in my life.

Think about an incubator in a critical care unit or an incubator helping hatch baby chick eggs…what do both have in common? They both provide the atmosphere for whatever is inside to grow, become strong enough to be on their own, and finally live out in the real world. The incubator provided the proper atmosphere and safety for growth to occur.

Now take this analogy, and transition over to this space we are all occupying. Inside this unique space, has seekers of all walks of life. All are coming here tonight…some for fitness, flexibility, balance, mental clarity, spirituality, healing, to feel more grounded, or to try something different, etc. All of the reasons vary, which makes it even more amazing, yet, we are all here together, breathing the same air and becoming more in tune with the energies that we each exude.

This space I am going to call our “temple” of incubation in honor of my brother, Logan. This space will provide MangoFuel yoga and create this love train that I dream about daily. It will be a space to do exactly what you set out to do because it will be an atmosphere that provides comfort, and the space to explore all the regions of your heart, your body, mind, and spirit. It will help you grow more intensely into your truest self. This is what I have learned and what has helped me incredibly on my own path, and it would be selfish of me not to want to share.

This “temple” of incubation has a few instructions, however. One, accept yourself for where you are right here, right now. Surrender to the now. Two, be present. Let go of the stress of the future or the struggles of the past. Three, do not compare your own yoga practice, body, life, or anything else to anyone beyond yourself. Comparison degrades who you are and who God made as is. Four, do not let your ego ever tell you that you aren’t good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, or that you have limits in this world where anything is possible if you truly believe in it. Five, ask for and believe in miracles. You don’t have to tackle this world alone. Six, have an attitude of gratitude daily, and watch how abundant your life becomes. Seven, lift others up and never put them down. Eight, take care of yourself first so that you can then take care of others fully. Nine, strive to love all your so called flaws, imperfections, and things that make you uniquely YOU. Own your authenticity. Own your imperfect perfection. Then, strive to become more comfortable in your own skin. How can you spread more light and love inside yourself where maybe some darkness resides?

Tonight we turn on the incubator. You now know the rules…don’t worry there will always be more rules added. Think about what you are seeking, and start to visualize it. See it inside yourself, because that is exactly where you’ll find it. We just have to start removing all that is preventing you from seeing it yourself. Now is the perfect time.

Megan Church
CEO of MangoFuel LLC
mangofuel.co (not .com)