When is the best time to exercise?

The answer to that question varies greatly depending on who you ask. According to this WebMD article, there is no evidence to suggest that calories are burned more efficiently at certain times of day. It’s best if you can work with your body’s circadian rhythm when you naturally have extra energy, but this varies from person to person.

In addition, there are other considerations when choosing a time to work out:

The Early Bird – If you have trouble with consistency, research suggests morning is the best time to get your exercise in before other commitments interfere. Morning workouts may require more warm up than later in the day.

Lunch Break – Some like to exercise midday, especially when supported by co-workers. If this is your preference, make sure you eat after your workout to avoid overtaxing yourself.

Early Evening – Many find they have less internal resistance if they exercise after work. Just make sure you allow your body time to wind down before bed to not interfere with your sleep.

Some exercise if obviously better than no exercise, so go with whatever schedule works to make exercise a consistent part of your life. You may prefer noon or early evening workouts through the work week while mornings are better on your days off. Your goal should be to average 2 to 5 hours each week, according to the U.S. Department of Health’s physical activity guidelines.

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