Your relationship with food should be a healthy one

Relationship with Food as FUEL…

Food is so culturally diverse from country to country, state to state, and city to city. Yet, have you ever thought about how diverse it is simply in your neighborhood, amongst your friends and family, co-workers, etc?

Now add in the various supermarkets, wholesale retailers, small local grocery stores, and health based natural foods stores. From here, divide different diets and dietary issues and allergens that diversify the typical eating patterns as well. Some examples may include: lactose intolerance, veganism, vegetarianism, paleo, gluten intolerance, GMO free, sugar free, MSG free, low fat, high protein, low carb, and the list could go on and on. This list hasn’t even included the “franken-foods.”

Food shifts from location to location similar to the way a kaleidoscope shifts it’s images. Yet, the base of the food stays the same when in balance, to provide nourishment for the body, similarly to the way that the kaleidoscope produces images that are appeasing to the eye.

Food that is whole, real, and has life’s essentials running thru it, is what we must prepare, consume and nourish ourselves and others in order to thrive. Work within your culture, your beliefs, your accessibility to healthy grocery stores, and your area’s climate and seasonality to make the most appropriate choices for your body.

YOUR relationship with food should be a healthy one, in which the food you consume FUELS you to live a more authentic life filled with love to share more of your gifts with the world.

• Look up to those that make better choices or know how to cook amazing meals that fuel and feed.

•Look to those that are willing to give advice on ways that they have adapted to this day in age in which we live, where caution flags should be marked alongside food labels.

•Learn from your elders, but also adapt the advice to the now. We live in a world of Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, blogs galore, cooking shows, etc…so let us learn from each other.

Let’s get back in the kitchen, make meals that fuel, and rebuild a healthy relationship with food rather than consistently comparing it to the newest diet trend or to that of our friends. Eat real food that works for you. No one has the exact body makeup of what YOU have, so ultimately it’s not about their relationship with food that matters to you, it should be about YOUR relationship to food and how it FUELS YOUR body.

Live, learn, and fuel on!!!

Have the best FUEL-filled day ever!

Megan Church
CEO of MangoFuel LLC