Back in LOVE

Confession time: I fell off the gym band wagon, hard. After 4 consistent years in the gym… I fell out of love with my greatest passion. What I have found with getting back to it… I am intentionally coaching myself the same way I used to coach anyone in the past on how to successfully take on this lifestyle. First step, SUIT UP AND SHOW UP!!! Getting to the gym is HALF the battle. Hold on to the slogans: “1 hour is 4% of your day.” You can find the 4% in your day to get there. Next thing is, start setting small achievable goals to gain confidence in yourself. Cut out soda. Ban yourself from Fast food. Buy a pretty water cup and drink a half gallon to a gallon of water a day. Small goals to build credibility in yourself that you are doing this lifestyle and achieving it. Third most important, Monday needs to be your favorite day of the week. Every Monday is a new opportunity to start a fresh week of work outs. The week resets on Monday and is your opportunity to Succeed. Lastly, be consistent. Results come from consistency. Those establishing a routine, and following through consistently are the ones living the lifestyle we see on Instagram and strive for. With that being said, enjoy your weekend!!! And look forward to MONDAY; your chance to start a new week of new work outs, forever a clean slate!!!! I’m looking forward to my Monday at @meifitness this week! The gym that has me PUMPED to engulf myself in this lifestyle 🙏🏼✨💪🏼


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